Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Summer is coming to a close here in the Black Hills. The mornings and nights are getting cooler, school is almost back in session, and the harvest has begun. I love this time of transition between Summer and Fall. Its my favorite part of the year. Everything begins to slow, to calm, to cool. Its a state of pure perfection.

The transition also means I can turn my oven back on. Which means blissful hours spent baking. This time of year, this is my Zen, my apex, my joy.

My life over the Summer has had me feeling completely out of focus, off center, and unable to accomplish my goals. I began the season with a goal of publishing the first week of August. That has come and gone, and so I'm setting a new goal. November 1st. No messing around this time. No leaving it on the back burner. No letting other things get in the way. Perfect or not, November 1st.

I ask you, all of you to help me hold this vision. To ask me monthly, weekly, daily how the book is coming. To push me to hold my goal and achieve it.

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